Horoscope is made based on the timing and position of navagrahas at the time of birth. If the horoscope is made at the time when a child is born can be helpful in handling odds. In case there are nay doshas certain corrective actions can be taken which can be helpful. Therefore our astrologers can be helpful in making a newborn horoscope report if the parents of the child can provide the required details . Contact roofersdublin.net astrobless for most accurate and precise reports where there is no scope for any kind of mistake.

A detailed study of horoscope plays a major role in Matchmaking. When two people are to about to get married, matching the horoscopes according to the Gunas happens. The gunas indicate different aspects in human and higher the number of Gunas match, better would be the compatibility. Therefore the match making report shows the score out of 36 and at least a score of 25 is essential for considering marriage. Most of the families believe in matchmaking and we always suggest people undertake that. If any doshas are present, specific rituals can be performed.