Education and career some of the major aspects of life. There can be several issues faced by a person in pursuing education followed by developing their career. The hurdles and issues which may occur in the process can sometimes be solved with the help of astrology. Ancient science has all kinds of answers for any kind of problems. Most of the students who would be planning to pursue higher education get the horoscope report. Any issues that may arise in their path can be handled in a far better way with career and education horoscope.
  A tree standing on the ground of material nature, bearing two types of fruit: sweet and sour, symbolic of happiness and distress. Its roots go in three direction represented by goodness, passion and ignorance. The first bird is the localized aspect of the Supreme One, referred to as P?ram?tm? the divine spirit, the Entity who needs neither food nor drink. The other bird representing the mortal, has to select his food from the offerings of the tree: a choice between distress and happiness. Sometimes he eats the fruits of happiness and sometimes the fruit of distress. Having eaten the fruit, he expands along the three directions of the roots, the modes of material existence, namely, goodness, passion and ignorance.
  This individual growth is what makes two mortals dissimilar. Growth is strongly connected with past karma and guidance upbringing. The realities of life have different meanings for each individual. Why does a stable and rewarding professional relationship become distant? Why does the accommodating boss turn into a difficult task master? Why does the team lose spirit for no apparent reason?
  There is no end to such questions, but all the answers can be found if the map of growth can be analyzed. Unfortunately, this is an impossible task for mortals. However, this growth can be monitored by our own efforts and choices and Astrology can be the guide that shows us our very basic instinctive tendencies, learn more. Planets and their positions give our respective Ascendants and Moon signs, along with other planetary positions. This doctrine can be a very useful friend philosopher and guide, provided we are open to accept what it shows, provided we are ready to go beyond the predictive elements.
  The most important aspect of Astrology is that it shows you the mirror image of your Karmic journey. What one has to understand is that there is no black and white, no good or bad in a horoscope. Each horoscope has good AND bad, each horoscope is misaligned somewhere, which is why the person is born.
  The significance of the 10th house takes us to the realm of career and status in life. It displays fundamental possibilities. The 10th is a Kendra and as such, any planet located here will be prominent, powerful, and influential all through life. As this is an upachaya house (attributes that grow with time and effort), any possibility indicated by an occupying planet will grow in strength as life progresses. This in effect also gives great strength in overcoming all kinds of obstacles.